V8 Austin-Healey built by THE CARROLL SHELBY himself?!

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And we're back to Classic Cars for Episode 113 of Coffee Walk!
An Austin-Healey V8 built by THE CARROLL SHELBY himself?! I'd love for y'alls help in proving the provenance of this car. The value of a classic/antique/muscle car is often made and proven by its history and I think this car is going to be a prime example of that. If this car really is what my good friend Thomas Weeks thinks it might be, we may have a killer restoration coming up to let you guys in on.
(I want to sincerely apologize for the audio. Since most of what we do is 1-take and 1-take only, we're not left with much room for error over here. But, we are trying and any tips you pro's have out there to offer us on a dual-mic set-up for our videos, my team and I are all ears!)
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  • I had an Autin Healey Aluminum 100 with a 401 Buick back in 1967. My own "Cobra". Wish I had it back, along with my old 65 Turbo Corvair, 68 427 Vette roadster, should I go on? Why did we sell these things?

    David SoomDavid Soom17 ժամ առաջ
  • Any update on this car ?

    Perpetual optimisticPerpetual optimistic23 ժամ առաջ
  • Watched this months ago, any update?

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  • Go inside where we can hear you.

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  • My man Thomas

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  • Dennis if its a true carroll shelby look at the heads he always signed them with his name on them , i saw this in a pre production mustang he built and sold to a ladies husband .equipped with a rugged cut out onthe dash with moon tack inserted in the dashboard ,a set of hand made traction bars, signed heads 289 hi po with four speed. real dump headers . No telling what that car is worth today. that lady never drove it much. it was her baby stayed in the garage .her husband raced cars a devils bowl speedway and was friends to carroll shelby. he raced sprint cars ,carroll shelby did as well .

    Walton EamesWalton Eames6 օր առաջ
  • Would love to watch this.. but it's unwatchable with the traffic.

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  • Great video Dennis. Just subscribed.

    Chris MacDonaldChris MacDonald12 օր առաջ
  • I had a 1959 austin healy with a stock 6 cyl. that my brother red lined and blew the engine. so I had a stock 289 v8 engine that I installed in the car . automatic trans / corvette wheels / flared fender wells. loved that car. trade for a 1962 corvette that I had restored. but I enjoyed the austin healy more then the vet. still think about that car even today 30 years later

    William GonzalesWilliam Gonzales21 օր առաջ
  • These guys are the holy grail of car enthusiasts. Thank you for sharing your life experiences and knowledge!

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  • Boy can tell stories...... hmmm No proof but ....🤣🤣🤣🤦

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  • unwatchable

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  • Any update on the history?

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  • I am a Brit that’s been living in the USA for a number of years (now in Texas). A buddy of mine in California showed me around his father’s barn back in the early 2000’s just before he died. His father collected interesting cars and had a passion for 442’s. My friend was almost embarrassed to show me their Healey right at the back of the barn as he said someone had converted it to run a small block Chevy. Hope I didn’t pass up on a Shelby Healey!

    DJWerkzDJWerkzԱմիս առաջ
  • Was it a Shelby Healey?

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  • Mr Dennis I'm huge fan I would like to connect if possible. I look up to you as hero if this messges reaches you please dont hesitate to reach out.

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  • Don't record in the front of your business anymore. Super loud. Cool Car! :)

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  • Do go in back or inside to talk please.

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  • Also I'd like to see a video dedicated to y'all two telling stories of y'alls encounters but inside away from the road

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  • Is there more videos about the car extremely interested in what you guys did with it did you restore it was it one of Carroll Shelby I would like to know more about it

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  • Dennis and Thomas pod cast Coffee walk pod cast

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  • Some serious BS being dealt to sell a car. Sounds desperate 🙄

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  • There is some kind of a special v8 Healy convertible in Canton Ohio that had a small early hemi in it that had been hidden away since 1960. I seen it about 20 years ago at a shop getting a new top with a fresh paint job.

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  • Maybe we should all vote for a Dennis and Thomas show talking about deals from the past, the car knowledge they have and some road trips going out and buying.....I think it would be a blast

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  • Shelby knew when to walk away from racing; so did Fangio; Ken Miles didn't.

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  • Carroll Shelby got the Cobra idea from the 1958 Chevy Scarab

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  • I lived 25 years in Maryland and in my neighborhood we used a Outback Steakhouse as our neighborhood bar I met a old guy named Dennis ironically was actually a driver for Healy back in the 50s The guy knew I was into MGs and AustinnHealeys unfortunately that Dennis was up in age and a alcoholic that has passed away he was interesting to say the least with all his stories he was pretty crippled from all the wrecks he survived o course he knew Shelby way back when I always thought Carroll drove a TC and that car went accross one of the big auction blocks not too many years ago why I say TC is because I’ve owned a TD,TF 1500, B , and a Sprite , so far

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